1. The Challenge Lads


    Well... Not what you might expect The lads show you their studio and also try and give information on all the gear they use!
  2. B

    what do touring vloggers do?

    recently i've seen big vloggers do tours. eg. roman atwood, fouseytube and a few others. these people are not stand up comedians or musicians. they are primarily vloggers. i find the whole touring vloggers weird cos they create videos. they aren't known for doing music or doing standup. what...
  3. Jordan Levy


    I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who supports and subscribed to my channel to get me to this point. It's my dream to be able to share my passion with the world. IF YOUR NEW, SUBSCRIBE AND STAY TUNED FOR SOME NEW AWESOME VIDEOS AS WELL! (TRAVELING VLOGS, STUDIO TOURS, ETC!)...
  4. matharris99

    My First Video - - Holiday Apartment Tour

    If you could go check out my video of my apartment for my time in America, I didn't have any content to make at the time so this is all i could come up with!! Check it out!