What comes next for your channel?

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I, am Rayon
What's the next adventure you have planned for your subscribers?
What's your next video about?
Are you prepared for your next video or are you just going to hit record and hope for the best? ;)
Sometimes just hitting record and going for it seems bit better than preparing for a video to me.
But i do admit, i sometimes fail at that.
What are your thoughts and what comes next for your channel?
Stay amazing you!:thumbsup2:
Great questions! I'll try and answer them all for you.

My next adventure? Well, I currently have two main video series that are ongoing, with a smaller one running in between to fill the gaps between my larger projects. I have a new series planned for 2016 too, so it's all go for me!
My next video will be about the states of America! I'm also editing the next episode in my photography series as we speak!
I'm always a little scared to just hit record and hope for the best because I ramble and talk too much and I'm a bit rubbish at this bullet-pointing business, which is why I script most of my stuff, haha.
This thread topic tends to turn self-promotional and so is closed before it heads too far in that direction.
Not open for further replies.