Well, its March 1st

I don't know much about this kinda stuff, but I wouldn't think it should be this hard... :/
They definitely have to make sure there's no faults in the editing settings and such. If they change everything and it's s**t they can't go back lol
OMG I could just imagine if they broke something like annotations or something and couldn't fix it XD
Haha exactly, they would make us deal with the problem for a long a** time or just take down sections for awhile. I could see youtube have a problem switching to the new layout then shutting down the site because they had technical problems.... *imagining*
ERMAGERD! When is it going to come out XD Im getting inpatient. Everything is always delayed for us people on the west coast... :p
They're still in the process of fixing/adding features to the layout, so I don't think they're close to a system wide rollout yet. It's still set to release in waves (the opt in portion) and you won't be forced to changeover to the new layout for months. Based on how slow the work has been going, it wouldn't surprise me if it took 4-6 months before they change everyone over permanently.