Way to change your thumbnails! (None partners trick)


YTtalk Monster
Ok so this is not an easy ordeal, in fact I only recommend this if you really really HATE your 3 choices of thumbnails.

All you need to do, is put YouTube effects on your video using YouTube enhancements option.

Step 1 - add a Youtube effect
Step 2 - Way till it takes effect
Step 3 - Revert to Original
Step 4 - You now have 3 new random thumbnails to pick from.

and Voila!

Have fun!
you changed the effect of the video, waited till the video was changed and viewable with the new look, and then reverted the effect back to normal?
yes i saved it. it didnt work for me.
Hmm... I'll have to try it again and see if I get it to work each time.

another thing is trimming the video. Trim off a tiny bit at the beginning or end and then save it. Wait till it's been processed, then once it's ready, go back and revert to original and you should have new choices.