Voice Acting Wanting To Voice Act


Hi! I'm Caroll and voice acting has been a little dream of mine for a while.

I'm willing to do almost any offer you have.
All I ask is that I get credited for my part (link to my channel or any of me social media in the description is fine)
  • I have a decent microphone, (if you want a listen just watch like a minute of my gaming videos.)
  • I can do some voice impressions/accents; Stitch, Southern, Valley Girl, and a bunch more (if you want examples message me on Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat all TheAngelCaroll I'll send you a clip)
  • I will share the finished project on all my social media
This is one of my dreams, I need the practice if I'm gonna go anywhere.
If you are interested the best way to contact me is through Twitter or Instagram: @TheAngelCaroll

Thanks for your time,
TheAngelCaroll ^,^