Vlogging and editing on an iPad


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Jan 28, 2017
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We currently use an IPad3 to film and edit all our daily vlogs and I thought you guys might be interested in what we have found to be good and bad about vlogging this way.

First of all, I just want to say that the main reason we chose to vlog on an IPad is because we had one already and don't have the money to buy a vlogging camera at the moment.

Its cameras are not great - forget about close-up spur of the moment arty shots, if there is a bird in a tree or a beautiful sunset, they will both be reduced to blobs!

It's big - not just for carrying around, the size of the iPad draws a lot of attention when using it to video selfies. We use an iOgrapher case so we have handles to hold, which makes the thing look even more ridiculous.

The face camera is a different resolution to the outward camera - the poor quality and different aspect ratio looks pretty strange in our vlogs imo.

Limited storage - the internal storage limits us to around one vlog's worth of footage.

iMovie app is limiting - we edit our vlogs on the iPad and although the app works well, it doesn't offer anywhere near the customisation options of desktop software.

Annotations - I haven't yet figured out a way to do annotations. Annotations are a trip to the library.

The YouTube creator app doesn't support all the features of creator studio, eg custom thumbnails aren't supported, We have to use chrome for this.

The cameras are not great! - we do a daily vlog and the cameras' limitations have meant that we can't film too much, which makes our edits easier.

Limited storage! - we have some vlogger friends who have terabytes of unedited footage that they hoard. After we make a vlog we wipe all our footage after uploading and stay light.

Our camera is also our editor - we don't have to transfer files from cameras to computers. Also when it's time to upload we just press upload to YouTube. Simple.

Compact setup - we are living a nomadic life with no fixed abode, we are currently not even travelling with a laptop due to tight budgets, this has allowed us to vlog without going crazy on startup costs. We didn't want to spend any money as we didn't know if we would even like vlogging. We were also never under any illusions it would make money.

iMovie app is limiting - doing daily vlogs means we need to keep our edits under control; as we can't go into too much detail due to lack of features, our edits stay manageable.