1. MikiSunshine

    YouTube Stopped Showing End Screen Links

    YouTube used to properly show my 2 videos choices and subscribe button on my end screen properly. For the last two videos uploaded, it doesn’t seem to want to do that anymore and the screen sections are just screwy. I add my end screen graphic before I process the edit In iMovie. The problem...
  2. Rolz

    2017 iPad Pro 9.7" + Smart Keyboard unobxing

    Hey guys, so yes I do do things other than anime. I also cover tech, it is a passion of mine! If you look back on my channel you'll see some tech unboxings :) There will be more to come! It's a simple video - literally just me unboxing it with some cool background music :P if you do enjoy it...
  3. Livelifeinabox

    Vlogging and editing on an iPad

    We currently use an IPad3 to film and edit all our daily vlogs and I thought you guys might be interested in what we have found to be good and bad about vlogging this way. First of all, I just want to say that the main reason we chose to vlog on an IPad is because we had one already and don't...
  4. J

    Services Banner?

    Does anyone know a way I can maker a banner on a iPad or can someone make a banner for me? My channel is Jetstream19.
  5. chriphonestas

    Camera is better or screen recorder is enough?

    How is the best way to make a video tutorial for iPhone / iPad? Is it better to use a screen recorder or camera is better? anyway, I can just make a video tutorial for iPhone / iPad by using a screen recorder only. Please advised :")
  6. O

    Free Teleprompter

    Is there an app for the iPad that lets me use a teleprompter? I want to place the iPad on a stand and read off of it while I film for certain skits.
  7. Epicurus

    Apple iPad Pro: unboxing and review - 32gb Wifi Gold

    Hi All, Latest unboxing video of Apple's new iPad Pro. This is the 32GB wifi version in gold. Thanks for watching John