Meet Up/Gathering UK Youtubers

James BB

I have a channel with 500 subs but stopped uploading three months ago due to personal reasons, I've decided I want to upload again this time with better equipment as well, I have an elgato so if anyone is interested in gaming collabs then please reply, I further have 3 tickets to the sidemen charity match so if someone wants to meet up down their and vlog the match with me that would great, I have two spare tickets and if anyone does want to come you can have them for cheap, I am 15 so if your around my age then that's fine, I live in Oxfordshire but have easy access around most of South England, ie London and Reading, I don't mind how many subs you have as long as your committed
if you get your link up and running i could have a look and see if we could collab, im in a similar situation