To monetize or not to monetize (and if so, when?)

I wouldn't put any ads on your videos when starting out. You will probably be making like $1 a year and the chance that people turn off a video right away when an ad appears on a video that isn't that popular is pretty high. The more people are pulled into your videos the more of a gateway it is to your book sales which is the important part! :)
I completely agree. I as well just started my channel and I do not plan on putting any time of monetization yet. Not until I develop a decent fan base and find out if people are actually enjoying my content that I am putting out! So if I were you, I would wait to see if people are going to actually view your videos or not!
I haven't seen any issues with monetizing my videos. My channel is only 2 1/2 months old and has seen steady growth. I have 279 subs currently. So it doesn't seem to be putting my audience off too much. at least no one has said anything.
I went two months without monetizing new videos and I did not see an increase in subs or views. Now I'm going to monetize the videos after they are a few weeks old. My videos on Monday (for pets that are waiting to be adopted) I won't monetize.
Personally I don't believe it's worth it for me to monetise right now. If others want to, I respect that but it doesn't feel like the right timing for me.
I already obsess over the Analytics and various pieces of data I can't change so my concern would be that I'd do the same over my revenue if I were to monetise. I know a small payout is better than none at all, but I think my personality would react badly to this metric at this time when I'm very small. I can imagine it would involve me chasing views and making videos that I don't necessarily care for but are popular.
I'm open about the fact that if my channel were to grow and the potential revenue was more realistic, I'd revisit the decision. Creating videos and managing a channel is hard work and I don't see anything wrong with getting some sort of monetary worth in exchange.