Tinder For YouTubers?


Happy New Year
I got this email today.. what do you guys think??? Tinder for youtubers kinda sounds like a cool idea

Hey YouTube Creator,

Have you heard of YouCollab? We’re not an MCN or looking to take any of your hard earned revenue. Were here to help grow your channel through collaborations!

YouTubers are always told that collaborating is one of the best things you can do for your channel and your growth, but we have also noticed it can be difficult to find other serious creators to work with.

YouCollab is an easy and simple YouTuber to YouTuber collaboration app. You will be able to connect with YouTubers based on keywords, location and the size of your channel.

We are getting ready to launch our BETA, so we are inviting a number of promising creators to sign up at http://www.youcollab.com/ to get immediate FREE access when this Thursday(June 16th, 2016)!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Shaun Maclellan
CEO & Co-Founder
I got it too, seems weird...
I kinda wanna sign up but not sure if it will be legit.... they have a video on the site but it's unlisted and the youtuber they have talking about it probably got paid to do the video.. so I will wait n see what happens, would be a cool idea cause nobody in my area that I know of has a channel
I think it has great potential! I posted a review for the app on my YouTube channel "EssenceCartoon" that goes into detail on how to use it to get the most value out of it

I feel as more people join you will have more people you can connect with on the app. I wouldn't use the search filters at all at this point. I have already started a collaboration with a youtube using the app. The only bug I notice was the suggestions recommendations and also a big issue is there is nowhere on the app that tells you who you have "paired" with unless they chat with you. I thought that was a bit strange.