Thoughts on an Outro or End Card?

Atleast, from my perspective, I never get bothered when people ask me to like or subscribe at the end of the video. I get really upset when it's at the beginning though (like you said). I don't think it's a bad Idea, in fact it reminds people about the channel. Some people just binge watch random videos and having a call to action at the end can grab their attention, if you then link them to other videos of you can direct their binge xD
Before the new style end cards I did annotations with a cta. I honestly didn't like it. I didn't like saying "like, Subscribe" and all the rest. I'll never do yeh traditional cta every again!

With the new style I did something very different. I used a photo of something loosely related to the topic, with the date that it came from, usually 20+ years ago. Then let the end cards lay overtop that, with music, no voice. I like it because you can set the length so that the video ends in 15, 30, 45, or my favorite 00