Tax information

Its probably whatever Canada uses thats like a SSN
Actually, I don't have to have or use an ID. It's only if I had a business in the Us, or had equipment or staff in the US.

I'm in the process now of having it all settle, I just now have to wait for a letter from Google with an PIN number they sent me. once i enter this PIN, I'm all set and ready to receive YouTube money!!! :p

Yeah I never did my taxes plus only started earning this year

I don`t know if you are still going to School or if you already Work to pay your Bills but in both Cases you are loosing Montey each Year. It might be not much but in the End you might loose more over the Years then you might have believe you would do.

My hole Family do it each Year and to be honest we have got every Year a among back that did easily pay for a Travel to Disneyland in Paris so the Kids could enjoy Mickey Mouse just by doing the Taxes.