Tax information


YTtalk Monster
So Youtube is now asking for some kinda Tax information. Being a Canadian citizen, I'm a tad confused on what they want exactly. Can anyone clarify this for me?
I dont live in Canada but apparently you put no for US tax since youre in Canada, I am not sure if that will help you :) It might prompt you at some other time about Canadian tax.
If you live in USA do you have yo put YouTube/Google in your taxes? I don't earn much so I'm just wondering if they want it even if its a small amount?
Ok I think I was miss understanding all of this, it seems I only need a Tax ID if I have business in the US, I think in my case I wont need such info.... I think.
Seems all I have to do is this...

If you do not have U.S. Activities, please visit the Tax Information page under your My Account tab where you will agree to a statement to that effect. No tax forms are required in this instance.

but Im not sure where this "tab" is and if its on YouTube or Adsense. I can't find it. :(