Snatcher is a great cyberpunk adventure game by Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima. The PC Engine and Sega CD versions (others too maybe) featured this really awesome opening credits theme. After a whole week of hard work and headaches I completed a 2A03 cover of it. I think this might be the longest song I've covered.

What do you think? Is this cover any good? Let me know!
Hi there! I just finished listening to this and I really like your style. I love retro games/music in general. I'm definitely subscribing and following. I'd love to work with you on something sometime (I make music as well). Anyways, keep up the good work! =)
Thanks! And thanks for following me on Twitter! To be honest, I'm not that good at making music, but I'm getting better, so doing a collab at some point would be cool. ^_^