hideo kojima

  1. That BioMechanical Dude

    SNATCHER - One Night in Neo Kobe City | NES Cover

    Snatcher is a great cyberpunk adventure game by Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima. The PC Engine and Sega CD versions (others too maybe) featured this really awesome opening credits theme. After a whole week of hard work and headaches I completed a 2A03 cover of it. I think this might be the...
  2. Shehzad

    Gaming News - Overkill's The Walking Dead, Overwatch's new beta and Hideo Kojima

    Overkill announces new investment deal as well as delayed release for the walking dead. Overwatch beta also gets delayed until February to make way for new content. Last we have Hideo Kojima touring Sony, maybe he is secretly working on a new project!