Should I tag my videos in multiple languages?

Thanks for all the tips. I really see your channel reaching 100k subs and beyond in no time. I'm curious exactly what procedure you do to translate to other languages. When I create closed captions in English, it takes me near an hour for an 8 minute video. I can't imagine doing this for several other languages.

Thanks!! I can only dream, hope and pray :)
I do CC in English only. Our audience likely doesn't use CC much anyways, so I don't translate them. The English one takes me 1-2 hours per video, I don't see myself doing it in other languages also, unless it's the 5 tops languages of our audience and only for the top videos. Maybe that will be the next step. I do them for those who can't hear or want to watch silent.
Translations I do for Title/Description/Tags. Process is go to Google translate and cycle through each language, put the translated text into the 'translate' tab in YT. But there is no separate tags field in YT, so I put them together into description. YT does say to translate meta-data, so it seems they don't mind "tag stuffing" in international descriptions which is what it's called if you put all your tags in the description in English.

It's a laborious job doing it and you can't really multitask and do anything else or you make a mistake. Each video takes about 2 1/2 hours for the 90+ languages. I usually do it 1-3:30 am when the brain is dead anyways and nothing else productive can be squeezed out.

Here's the process:

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Thank you everyone for all your tips and views on translating. I'm going to try translating my titles and descriptions.