Should I Sign With A Network ???


Hello World!

This your boi Richie Rich Mo3 with some questions... Recently with my page growing good now, i've noticed some networks are starting to email me now about partnering up with me. I've been watching many many videos of ppl saying they are good to sign with due to the benefits that comes with em but a lot of ppl say don't waste my time because they don't offer nothing but taking money... YES! it's not about the money which i'm not worried about because i make videos due to the joy of being a creator but at the same time i want to make the best move for myself and i don't want to be in a bad situation..

Please let me know some advice on how you'll go about it

should i or Should i NOt
your vids are getting 200 views top. With this amount of views I would NOT recommend to join any networks. On this forum there's a lot of reviews and people who were experimenting with networks.
For me, I wouldn't join the network even if I had 1000 views on every video. Because as you said above, they'll take your money
Benefits typically include:
  • a plug-in to give you a more informative YouTube experience
  • a community forum with other members of the network
  • more licensed music options
  • you may not have to wait to pass AdSense's $100 threshold to receive payment
  • more methods to receive payment (PayPal, etc.)

  • the majority of the things they promised do not actually exist
  • they won't actually help you grow your channel or subscriptions
  • the music licenses could become problematic if you ever leave the network
  • there is no guarantee they'll pay you on time
  • payment will take longer if using AdSense
  • they'll take between 10-50% of your income
  • you may have to sign a contract to stay with them for a certain amount of time

Only you can decide if the pros outweigh the cons. Many will praise the greatness of networks, many others (like myself) will fail to see any reason they exist any more (they were far more useful a few years ago).

If you're really curious, find one with a no-lock in contract and join it for a month or so. Plus side, with the size of your channel, you shouldn't really lose any money and you'll get to see first hand if they help you or if they simply take your money.