network channel growth

  1. Bishop1

    Music BMI Music recording artist for dope producers and vocalist to collaborate with.

    Hi everyone I'm an singer/song-writer who records and produces music. I'm looking for artist or producers who want to grow in the real music industry. Lets put a project together and grow. thats how connections are made.
  2. TheStoryteller

    Advice on YouTube Network to Join?

    I'm a relatively small YouTube Channel nearing 2'000 subscribers, and I was wondering if there was any advice you guys could give to someone hoping to join a network. I mainly talk about video games (namely the Ace Attorney series) and occasionally do some sprite animations for it in the form...
  3. RRM

    Should I Sign With A Network ???

    Hello World! This your boi Richie Rich Mo3 with some questions... Recently with my page growing good now, i've noticed some networks are starting to email me now about partnering up with me. I've been watching many many videos of ppl saying they are good to sign with due to the benefits that...
  4. Jordan Pike

    Is there a trend with channel growth and having a new network?

    I'm wondering if once your channel gets big enough to attract the attention of a big network, and then signing with them, are the average daily subscriber numbers effected by the signing? I've noticed certain channels that have around 5k subs grow very rapidly over the following months into the...