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I’ve only have my channel about a month and I’ve posted a few videos in that time, I get views but not really the reaction I’m wanting as I barely get likes and I haven’t gained any subscribers.
Does anyone know a way I can keep people interested, maybe video ideas or give me feedback on my videos and tell me how to improve. If so thank you so much.
Here’s the link:
Don't make your videos boring and long, then viewers will either dislike or quit watching the video. Also, try to have original ideas and promote on your socials every one in a while! Not saying you aren't doing these things, as I haven't watched your channel;, but try to!
Looking at your recent videos, your videos seem quite usual, so I don't think theres anything to either be specifically suprising, to make people want to click,but also nothing too weird that people woudldn't click either.

I'd say focus on your thumnails, Your 'weekend morning routine' and '7 things I do when I'm bored at home' thumbnails look really good, I'd try to do something similar for your other videos.
I think the quality of your videos is a little poor, not awful, your '7 types of selfies' video is quite good quality, but your most recent video isn't as good quality for some reason.. It might be the lighting? I'd also try and get a tripod, or a box to balance your phone/camera on to make it more eye-level, or if you can lightly above... This usually makes videos appear higher quality, or higher production value.
And I'm not sure if you can help this, but try and get your video to be a more youtube friendly resolution, (eg. 1080 x 1920 ect)

Also.. I have to admit, it is a little hard to understand you in your latest video, is there a reason you're talking quietly? (like so family wont hear ect)??

Either way, I think your channel looks good so far! Don't get discouraged, keep going and I'm sure you'll get there, you're getting more views than I did when I started!
Hey there!

First thing I'd recommend, in your newest couple of videos it appears as though either you shooting vertically with your phone (whatever you're filming with has an odd aspect ratio). The giant black bars, while it may not be a conscious thing, is an immediate turn off for viewers. For a more professional feel to your videos make sure you always shooting in a 16:9 format, which is when your phone is horizontal.

One more thing, everyone can also step up there game when it comes to editing. If you get better with editing that is immediately telling your viewers in your video that you've got something good to tell show them (otherwise, why put in the effort of editing?)

Don't ever settle for the free included editing software that comes with Mac/Windows. At the same time, you don't have to shell out any money for an editing software.

Perhaps one of the best free editing software for both Mac and Windows is Davinci: Resolve (

It's interface is also very intuitive, but then again, you may not know your way around an editing software. In which case I've gone and found, what I believe, to be a helpful video:

This seems to very beginner friendly.

Hope this helps you out.

Best of luck!