1. X._Alex_.X

    Review request

    I’ve only have my channel about a month and I’ve posted a few videos in that time, I get views but not really the reaction I’m wanting as I barely get likes and I haven’t gained any subscribers. Does anyone know a way I can keep people interested, maybe video ideas or give me feedback on my...
  2. KingleBricks

    What Do Yout Think About My Concept

    right now im kind of just throwing content out usually in short film format but thats because i feel like its a strength of mine, my last video i tried hitting on a trending topic which was the new lebron shoes but shoulkd i keep going with the format im going with and try to perfect it or try...
  3. omu

    First 10 Good Vibes FM subscribers! :D

    Hello everybody, Vibes FM it`s a channel dedicated to Trip hop, Hip hop, Electronic, Dub, Chillout, Downtempo,Funk, Soul, Jazz, Experimental Music lovers that just reached 10 subscribers! For the content i try to find good Undergound music, no copyrights music, Top`s, Music playlist, Gaming...
  4. Symphanyxo

    Beauty/Makeup New Years Glam Collab

    Hey Everyone, I am looking for someone to do a collab for the new year... or anytime for that matter. This would be my first collab so I am excited. My channel is fairly new(1 month old). I have about 52 subscribers. I am looking to do a collab with someone within that range or higher. Check...
  5. Xanderin

    First Time Playing GTA 5

    this is a video of my first time trying out gta i've never played it before and i really enjoyed it
  6. Jeess123

    New beauty and lifestyle channel. HELP!

    Hi! So I'm new on youtube (I have no subs yet and just one video) I would love if you could check out my video and give me some pointers on how I can expand and expose my channel to views and subscribers. I can check you channel as well if anyone is interested! Thank you so much!