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Hello everyone,

I'm trying a long time to record my screen but it's always quite laggy... I don't really think that the computer is a problem, because he's only 6 months old. Few specifics:
16Gb Ram
NVidea GeForce GTX 960M
SSD Card 256 Gb

I've tried a few record programs, the last one was OBS, but it's so laggy... When I play the game, it's really good throught perfect, but the recording isn't...

See the picture's for the settings on OBS.

I've already tried a lot with changing the bitrate and the fps, but it doesn't really change...

Thanks in advance!


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EDIT: By OBS can you see how much the program takes from the CPU, but that don't go above 5%. Could that be the problem?
Couple of questions for you.

What are you full specs for your PC? In particular what processor do you have?

Have you done a test run with the simple set ups in OBS studio?

Its hard to see in all of the photos but what bitrate were you using?

Did you just view the raw footage, or was this after processing it through an editor like Movie Maker, Premier, Pinnacle etc?
Also, what are you recording on your screen? Gameplay, software, etc.

Depending on the demand of what you are actually recording, your recording software (which is running on the same computer simultaneously) can be affected.
Really Thanks guys for your help, but I found yesterday that I've chose a wrong thing. I've got to choose for recording 'Game' of something like that, and not just my desktop. I'm happy it works clean now.