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im looking to do some videos on games such as warframe, brawlhala, gta5 and dark souls 3. unfortunatly i such at commentary on my own so i could realy use some help. if your interested just let me know
I'm willing to work with you on your commentary, I haven't played Warframe in years but I love Brawlhalla and GTA 5. My psn is DeathByBackhand, let's work something out.
Hey I’m COD YouTuber, also looking for other games to get into and collaborate with. I’m think of starting a Minecraft PS4 series. Hit me up if you’re down! PS, I’m just starting T, but have past experience.
i'd be done for some warframe and ds3, i've never played it on ps4(only on pc) so my warframe character is starting fresh lol