Gaming PC Gamer Looking For Collaborations.


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Hey Im 18 and looking for other youtubers to collaborate with!

there are some requirements however:

  • Pc gamer
  • have a decent mic
  • have a decent following in comparison to mine (200 subs +)
  • be entertaining and diverse
  • be close to the GMT Timezone and not accross the world
  • and be above 16 (16+)

  1. I myself have 389 subscribers
  2. high quality graphics such as channel art and thumbnails
  3. i have a blue yeti
  4. €2,000 gaming pc can run all games
  5. I am irish and consider myself to be entertaining
Games do not matter as we can work this out once we make contact.

The ultimate goal is to produce high quality content while helping each other to grow.

The best way to contact me is on Youtube or Twitter! as i dont use this much!

Twitter: @OxenHD

Hopefully you are the person/persons im looking for!

Hit me up!