Looking for people to make videos with!
Funny moment games like Garry’s mod, GTA and really any game that’s entertaining. I’m 17 with a blue yeti. I’m looking for people with nice mics and are around my age.
Discord: Chewsba#4527
And YouTube is connected with my account[DOUBLEPOST=1508937914,1508869563][/DOUBLEPOST]If u add me on discord or follow me on Twitter to contact me let me know that your looking to collab so I know to add you
Im 15 if you'd be alright with that and is there any other games that you have? Can you specify some if them? But I can play Garry's Mod with ya. And is a Bm-800 good for you?[DOUBLEPOST=1508955134,1508955052][/DOUBLEPOST]Discord btw
I have Gmod and other games too.. and I am willing to buy games that are suggested to me
I am only 15 and looking to get back into youtube
My discord is ljm1024#8507
I have PS4 for GTA and big titles and Steam for the smaller games because it's just a laptop. I have Elgato and OBS for recording. I'll be able to pick up editing easily. Always down for anything racing related.
I'm 19 but could never find a way to start my channel.
Discord Tokyoracer247#1511