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I’m a new YouTuber looking to start a group to record all types of gameing videos like vanoss and the crew. We’ll play all types of games that everyone would like to play. If you think you’d be interested leave a reply and I’ll answer any questions you might have. Thanks
I'm interested but first, I'm gonna ask a few questions (sounds mean but I'm curious lol)
1.What kind of games?
2.Got discord or skype if so what is it? (If you're interested)
3.Are you ok with my age (11)
4.Got a mic?
5.Steam name (if you're interested)
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yo man. im looking to start a group as well. i have a few people so far and yea man. as long as you're 16+. just message me on discord my dude - Suprex#9646
Yeah I would love to man already got three other people then we could 4 just reply to me if you are interested