pc and xbox 1 collab

  1. D

    Gaming PC and/or Xbox One

    Hello I’m looking to find some people to collab with preferably in there 20s or close. I’m willing to play any games. As long as we can get a serious group going that want to actually make content. If interested leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Thanks
  2. D

    Gaming PC and/or Xbox one group

    I’m a new YouTuber looking to start a group to record all types of gameing videos like vanoss and the crew. We’ll play all types of games that everyone would like to play. If you think you’d be interested leave a reply and I’ll answer any questions you might have. Thanks
  3. D

    Gaming Xbox One and/or PC friends

    starting a new channel and wanting to start a group like the crew and vanoss with his group. No requirements guys and girls welcome. If interested leave a reply. Thanks!
  4. D

    Gaming Xbox one and/or PC friends

    starting a new channel and wanting to start a group like the crew and vanoss with his group. No requirements guys and girls welcome. If interested leave a reply. Thanks!
  5. I

    Gaming looking for ppl to have a collab with (xbox1 or PC) we can make a long term group or something

    looking for ppl to collab with currently have 50 subs ( xbox 1 and PC )
  6. Raging Taurus

    Gaming PC/XBOX ONE YouTuber collabs

    I am looking for new youtubers who play PC and Xbox one. If you have these consoles let me know. I want to get a group together that will last.
  7. SmokeySpace

    Gaming PC/Xbox One Collab 50+ Views a Video!

    I'm looking for people to collab on PC or Xbox One that has 50+ views a video, and maybe around 150+ subs but it doesn't really matter. Games: PC: (My Steam is SmokeySpace) CS GO H1Z1(both) Miscreated World at War (Custom Zombies) Just Cause 2 and 3 (Multiplayer) Rust I may be forgetting one...
  8. X

    Gaming Anyone Up For A PC/Xbox One Collab?

    I'm looking for: - 13-16 years of age - COD, GTA, or Minecraft on Xbox One - Payday or Minecraft on PC - Subs don't matter - Family- friendly - Good Sense of Humor - DEDICATED. hmu :)
  9. C

    Gaming Looking for minecraft pc version collaboration

    Hey i'm a small channel about 30 subs. I am only a child (13) so this is for the younger youtubers. I'm hoping to start a minecraft series and I want a partner to join me in my journey. Channel-CrudeHen Skype-crudehen1
  10. N

    Gaming Looking for a crew on pc and xbox one

    Hi i am 15 years old and just made a youtube channel i am looking for people to collabe with long term that are fun to play with and can be entertaining we can work together and help each other to grow and shout each other out in videos please be 14+ have a decent mic and get online regularly...
  11. Creeforple

    Gaming Gaming Group PC/Xbox One

    Hey guys it's Creeforple here (Cree-for-pull) I am recruiting for a gaming group that i am in, We have been looking for new people for awhile but have been stumped for awhile, This will be a gaming group so we want people who will be active, A few of the guys including the originator of the...
  12. A


    Looking to collab with another youtuber who is interested in the same games I am, and I'm not trying to be picky but please at least have a descent mic where you can be heard and understood. The gmaes are all listed below and to contact me you can either use my email Modify0711@aol.com or my...
  13. H

    Gaming Looking for other content creators, own an Xbox One and PC

    Hi, I'm Tanner, just starting off my YouTube channel here in the upcoming weeks, need some people to rise up with and also have a good time. With that being said I'm looking to create funny moment's videos, as well as walkthrough's, commentaries, and just some good old survival gameplay's. Some...
  14. gysocksYT

    Gaming Started a gaming group

    Hello There! So i started a gaming group and I would like to know if anybody would like to join we have a website and a group channel that has 20 subscribers. 1. Must have 20 or more subscribers. 2. Need to have a good mic. 3. Must have a Skype or Gmail. 4. Age Needs to be 13 and up. 5. Must...