Gaming [PC][18+]A decent group for shenanigans


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Hello guys'n'gals!
I want to make a group of people for shenanigans in games. Having fun and collaborate more often which each other than just 1 or 2 collabs if you know what I mean^^
But let's get strrrr8 to the point :)

Games like:
  • Battlefield 1
  • Garrys Mod
  • Golf With Your Friends
  • Grand Theft Auto Online
  • Warframe
  • And lots more

You need to be/have
  • A decent microphone
  • Not a tryhard(Or if, just don't get mad at other people/don't be a d**k)
  • Don't be a d**k (obviously)
  • 100+ Subs
  • Fun playing games
  • Just don't be that kind of troll that's an *******. I/We tolerate trolls in a decent, funny way how they used to be but just don't be that ordinary assholetroll

How to contact me?
  • Steam steamcommunity[dot]com/id/BrolfThePaladin(I dunno yttalk thinks this is a video link. It's the link to my goddam Steam profile :facepalm2:)
  • Discord Lethality112#5591 (I'm even online @ work)
  • Reply to this thread with your Steam ID and/or your Discord ID
When are we going to start?
  • Mostly around the CET/CEST timezone

If there are any questions open just lemme know :)