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I use PC, I'm 19, have fairly high quality videos, and have 14 subscribers.

If you fit the requirements in the title, please contact me if you're interested and to see if our game libraries match up:

Here in the comments (of course)
YouTube Channel (Most frequently managed): sparkypi
Steam (Second most frequently managed): sparkypi
Twitter (Frequently checked): @sparkypi
Discord (Not usually open, post below if you want to contact me here so I know to check): sparkypi #9208
Skype (Same as Discord): theoneandonlysparkypi
Email (somewhat frequently checked):

Feel free to use 2-3 of the above contact methods, no more please.

I won't presume to know anything about my own quality for sure, so if you want to know if I'm the type of personality you want on your channel, visit mine and watch a video or two. Keep in mind though that my sense of humor changes when I play on my own and when I play with others. I'm still wearing the suit, though.

Also, on Discord I'm beginning a server called COY (Collaborators On YouTube) if you'd like to join. Still in development, but it could be used for our collab in the meantime.

Thank you,