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Hello everyone I am offering cheap and clean looking graphics for your channel. I am currently only doing YouTube related work, but if you need something not YouTube related please message me.
(Also Please tell me how I can improve my work!)

What I can do:
~Profile Pictures

Why choose me?
~All original work (Nothing off of YouTube)
~Will make as many changes, as request by you!
~All payments through PayPal

My prices:
~Profile Picture $1.50 USD
~Banner $2.50 USD
~Thumbnail- $1.00 USD

Graphic Packages:
~Profile Picture & Banner $3.00 USD

Thumbnail Packages:
~3 Thumbnails $2.00 USD
~6 Thumbnails $4.00 USD
~9 Thumbnails $8.00 USD

How My Service Works (Step By Step):
~First you will reply below what you would like done.
~I will then quote you the price, then it will be your choice if the price is right.
~Once the price is agreed on, then I will email/Skype you. Where we can talk ~about the details.
~Once we talk about the details I will start working on the project.
~Once I am done I will show you the design, with a watermark on it. (Will be ~removed after payment)
~Once you are happy with he design you will send me the money via ~Paypal using the Family and Friends method (To Stop Charge-backs)
~Tell me in the message that this is the payment for the graphics service
~Then I will send you the .JPG file via Skype or Email.

Samples Of My Work:

Chewy Banner.jpg Example Minecraft Banner.jpg GunsAndPudding_Banner.jpg

Snail I_V1.jpg NoonLife Icon.jpg NoonGaming Icon.jpg

Currently This is All the Work I would Like to Post (Thumbnail Examples Coming Soon)


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