1. prxncefx

    Services Cheap Custom Youtube Thumbnails/Banners

    Hey there! Im Pascal and if you are looking for a personal thumbnail designer, feel free to work with me! I am very experienced in making gaming thumbnails. If you choose me as a personal designer, you get big discounts. My normal pricings are: 5$ for 2 Youtube Thumbnails with all your desires...
  2. DePhil

    Services Free nature intro & GFX Design!

    Dear Community, you are a small youtuber around 50-100 Subs+ or even smaller a need custom nature styled designs? then you are done searching! just head over to my youtube channel an order your designs! Example: youtube / dephil
  3. Camskiez

    Advice on my channels Artwork / Designs!

    Hey everyone, I'm a gaming channel and I just wanted some feedback onto the designs and banners of my youtube channel! Any advice would be appreciated I just feel like I should change it up and its perhaps a bit too serious looking. thanks, Camskiez
  4. PunchbowlGaming

    Request LF someone to make 6 headshot avatars for a banner. Willing to pay

    Hi All! We are looking for someone who can create some headshot images of our members. We require 6 images of head and shoulders that we can then add to our banner. We are willing to pay. So if you think you can provide what we need let us know!
  5. Eyezak

    Services Eyezak's Graphics Shop - Affordable, High Quality Designs

    Hi, welcome to my shop! I've been doing graphics for a while, and I want to start selling my work to other people. I really love doing it, and it would be great to help out the YTTalk community with their branding. Examples of my work: Prices: YouTube Banner + Avatar - $5 Thumbnail - $2...
  6. SirKris

    Making Banners and Thumbnails!

    Hey guys if you ever need any banners or thumbnails please message me on twitter @OG_SirKris or just ask me on my YouTube channel! :D Just search up Fuji Kris If you guys wanna see my work go to this link:
  7. C

    Services [FREE][BANNERS] Youtube Designs

    Hello, In this thread I'll be offering a free design service to you. My channel consists of various youtube graphics and other designs you may use for you channel. My service is absolutely free and only requires a simple psd download. Sample work: Contact me through skype: Hershvir...
  8. NoonGaming

    Services Noon's Graphics Shop

    Hello everyone I am offering cheap and clean looking graphics for your channel. I am currently only doing YouTube related work, but if you need something not YouTube related please message me. (Also Please tell me how I can improve my work!) What I can do: ~Banners ~Profile Pictures...
  9. SomeGamer79

    Services SomeGamer79 Graphics Shop | Cheap | Affordable

    Welcome to my Youtube Graphics shop! Here you will find cheap, affordable high quality graphics for your Youtube channel! I currently only offer Thumbnails, Banners, Avatar's and Outro's for Youtube but will expand soon. Prices (Paypal only!) Thumbnail - £1.50 Outro Slate - £3 Channel Art...