No Personality?


So I've gotten another recurring comment on one of my videos, "You have no personality" and I find this hard to see.

My attitude and energy depends on certain things as well as the game and if I see an opertunity for something funny, I go for it. I also have been told my multiplayer videos with friends are better.

Here's the thing, by myself I'm not yelling or super loud or anything because I get self concious but I try my best and don't sound tired or dead inside or anything like that, I actually try not to. When I play with friends I actually have someone there to take my mind off of myself and yell and s**t.

But it seems that I have to be yelling and loud in my videos to be entertaining in anyway, no matter how much I edit or do voice-overs or anything.

My question is, what do you guys think? Is my personality lacking or non-existent in anyway? What can I improve on when recording by myself? Are my multiplayer videos actually better?

This is actually starting to tick me off.
You sound a lot like RebelTaxi -

No clue what they're talking about. Your newest video is damn good, I might subscribe actually.

.. Here's the thing, by myself I'm not yelling or super loud or anything ...
Good, don't. I ignore channels where people play games and scream in the microphone.
Thanks a bunch man, for the words and checking out my video. I do yell sometimes but a lot of games don't excite me like that.
I don't know what they are talking about. Your Survival of the fittest game gave me some genuine laughs.
Yeah I am not getting it either. Maybe they are the ones that lack personality haha. I have seen quite a few YouTubers have what I call "The Monotone Voice of Death". I run hardcore from those channels because they put me to sleep. You, on the other hand, actually sound like you are having fun and stuff with your videos
Just took a look, My boyfriend use to do clash of clans videos on his channel and he stopped because he felt he wasn't getting much of a personality across as most of the other youtube gamers tend to be a bit over the top..

I think your videos are fine, and your personality comes across without any issues
I'd recommend maybe some background music a bit louder so that the gaps between you talking isn't so quiet, it'll really boost things in terms of peoples engagement
Thank you guys for your feedback, I just have had a lot of those comments recently and I'm starting to believe they are Pewdiepie fans or something. I'll try turning up the background music, generally it's as loud as it needs to be but I'll try it.