Meet Up/Gathering NEW JERSEY USA


I make public videos, looking for a cameraman to help me out, I have all the equipment including a drone, so don't worry about that stuff, I just need a person. I feature my cameraman Twitter and IG handles in every video ,and if ur a YouTuber urself we can make a video too. I'm looking for career driven people, so if you don't plan on blowing up your channel don't bother replying.
Ah sorry, I just checked out your channel. Not much common ground. But good luck! Glad to see another NJ youtuber.
Hi I'm in jersey too, in Newark, sounds interesting
I see you have a YouTube channel, maybe you would like to swing by and document who I am[DOUBLEPOST=1499167703,1499167614][/DOUBLEPOST]
I'd love to be your camera op, but I live in Kansas...
I mean there are other ways like maybe we can do something other than what I op'd, we can podcast or Skype call I mean I have a nice Mic it just all depends on what you can do from far away