1. Louor

    Meet Up/Gathering NEW JERSEY USA

    I make public videos, looking for a cameraman to help me out, I have all the equipment including a drone, so don't worry about that stuff, I just need a person. I feature my cameraman Twitter and IG handles in every video ,and if ur a YouTuber urself we can make a video too. I'm looking for...
  2. A

    Comedy Pranksters in Chicago willing to collab?

    Hey guys, I have a YouTube channel that I have been uploading on for every month so far. I was wondering if anyone is down to do a collaboration with me in Chicago on doing pranks. Not the "hood" type pranks though.
  3. S

    Meet Up/Gathering YouTubers around the Indianapolis Area

    I make public prank videos, comedy skits, and other comedy related videos. I have other types of videos I would like to do, but preferably in the future. I need a cameraman mostly, but it would be better if I knew other people who want to make Youtube videos weekly as well. - Much love
  4. Assim Dallali

    Cameraman for the day

    Hey guys, I need help for tomorrow. I need someone to record a diss track that I will be creating tomorrow. I need someone that lives in Wembley in London and is ready to meet me up at 1 on Friday. If you want to talk, call me through skype:- assim.dallali135 so we can talk in detail.
  5. Luke Coburn

    Short Film Camera guy/girl

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to film me performing some 'mind reading' on members of the public. I've got no budget, so maybe some one studying film/media who's looking for experience. I live in north west England, I was thinking of filming in Manchester or Liverpool. Thanks, Luke
  6. GamingRack

    Short Film CameraMan, Editor or just general assistant and ideas man to anyone creating video content.

    I enjoy creating content myself and have a gaming channel already established on youtube but id like to work with some people to create live acton content (skits, any kind of comedy videos, action, ect..), I dont have the resources or the people to do it so id like to find some guys or gals who...