Needing Feedback for channel and videos

does my channel suck?

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Hi, Guys Happy New Year I wanted to get everyone's honest Feedback about my channel.
I specifically need to know where I stand in these categories.
1. video quality quality art (thumbnail, banner etc)
4. personality and content
5. channel logo and name/ searchability.
if you have any would help greatly.
Link to my channel:
1 - Video Quality seemed plenty good, it had the possibility for 1080p60 which was nice

2 - Audio quality seemed good, I didn't really notice anything bad with it

3 - I liked the channel banner. The thumbnails looked good, nothing much to say about them

4 - The content didn't seem to have anything wrong with it, and with personality, my personal opinion would be don't change anything with that even if people tell you to, nobody likes a fake youtuber who acts like someone he isn't just to get views and subscribers

5 - Your logo wasn't bad however I feel like you should make the "DM" in your logo bigger if possible, it's hard to read the way it is. As far as "Searchability" I have nothing to say on that since I would be no help

Hope this helped at least a tad bit, best of luck to you my friend

EDIT: Also, with your poll, instead of "Does my channel suck?", try something like "What did you think of my channel?" and put a 1-5 rating so that you can get a better reading on it. ;)
Thanks so much man XD, I'll take this into consideration. Right now I'm testing editing styles. Some videos I'm adding lots of cuts and others I'm leaving raw.