My Analytics page is not loading !


Hey youtubers around the globe , I tried to check my youtube analytics page but for some reason it's not loading , I uploaded a photo whit the thred shows how the page is frozen .
Anybody know how to fix this and why it's happening ?
PS : 3 hours ago everything was working fine .


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Haha at least everything works fine now, maybe it was just a problem on the server end and they fixed it asap. I haven't come across this problem yet, and hopefully never will...
I tried a diffrent browser and itt's working , but the problem is still with chrome and I'm a chrome user .
thanks for the solution :)
My analytics still not working on chrome , I have to open a diffrent browser everytime I want to check my analytics .
ok, i am hopeless with computers, otherwise I'd give you some great advice. I use chrome but mine is fine. good luck with a different solution :)