analytics review

  1. Michael Masters

    Review My Analytics (Only Those With Experience Please)

    I have an overview below of my analytics page, one set to 'last 28 days', and one to 'lifetime'... 1. What are the first things you look at when evaluating your channel analytics? 2. What stands out to you with my numbers? (good and bad) (NOTE: My channel has just begun to see more activity, as...
  2. FaPN

    My Analytics page is not loading !

    Hey youtubers around the globe , I tried to check my youtube analytics page but for some reason it's not loading , I uploaded a photo whit the thred shows how the page is frozen . Anybody know how to fix this and why it's happening ? PS : 3 hours ago everything was working fine .
  3. KingHellHound

    YouTube is not displaying my analytics

    I am doing a project for my college based on my YouTube account but for some reason every time I click on the analytics page it comes up blank with no information if anyone knows what's up or has a suggestion please let me know.
  4. JRuncie

    Analytics on YT

    I may not have this in the right thread, which in that case my apologies. My analytics seem to be at least two days behind at all times. In fact even the time they seem to update changes per day. Anyone else experiencing this?
  5. KantoGaming


    Hey 'Tubers! I have a new intro setup. I heard that a good technique to have in the beginning of your videos is to show a funny clip/interesting clip in the beginning to grab the audience attention, and then you have have a short intro clip if you want after that. So thats what I did!! If I...
  6. TechSquizz


    delete this