Music + Filmmaking into One Channel

Here's my problem...

I'm REALLY into music production. I'm also REALLY into filmmaking.

I want to create videos for people who are like me: passion for music, passion for filmmaking.

Here is my question for you all..

What do you think I can do to include both my producing music and my filmmaking into one channel.

I really want to start a series that includes both of these things. For some reason, I just really can not think of a general structure/idea for the series.

Any help, tips, or ideas are VERY greatly appreciated. <3
If your films could feature a "music break," of some kind (either a montage, or if you're more of a performing band, a scene where your band or you just perform in a concert-style setting) might work? Or you could feature your music in music video form, but more cinematic than MTV-style?
Make a song/Make music then put it to a video that you made! Also you can say where you got the ideas from and how you made the video and music!