music producer

  1. Salvenzo

    Music Music Producer Looking for Collabs

    Hey guys! I'm music producer,making beats,mixing and mastering them too. I'm looking for someone to collab with in beat making or artist to fit on my beats. If there is somebody who want to grow together,let me know in the comment section. Have a great day/evening! Here is my youtube...
  2. Koji Kobura

    Dua Lipa - IDGAF MPK Cover

    Hi! I made this cover using Ableton Live 10.
  3. Koji Kobura

    Alan Walker - Faded MPK Cover

    Hi! I made this remake using FL Studio 12 and my Akai MPK Mini. What do you think?
  4. kgbronies

    Request Music Producers For New Rap Song??

    I'm working on a rap song for the game "Cuphead"! And I could really use the help of someone who could make the audio it's best! Please, if you are that kind of person, reply! I have a $10-$20 Budget and/or a shoutout in store for help.
  5. Richi3Musics

    Services [Cheap] Experienced composer for hire

    Need some custom background music? I'm your guy! From heart-wrenching piano pieces. To fun electro pop melodies. I can make a quality backing track that will add more character to your brand. I have recently been working with a lot of indie game devlopers. You can listen to that wheel here...
  6. HunterVlogsTV

    Music + Filmmaking into One Channel

    Here's my problem... I'm REALLY into music production. I'm also REALLY into filmmaking. I want to create videos for people who are like me: passion for music, passion for filmmaking. Here is my question for you all.. What do you think I can do to include both my producing music and my...