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Hey there,

Anybody have any idea how to get Movie Maker to actually work? I have it running on Win10 but I get about 30 seconds into what I'm doing and it crashes. I've uninstalled etc, updated drivers, tried to repair it and a number of other things. So would anybody know of anything at all?

Or even know of any other software that is free and as easy to use as Movie Maker?

Thanks for the help, beforehand.

Works for me on Win10, Win8.1, XP.

Never had a problem with it. I use it for all my editing.

Must be something screwy with your PC or OS.

I know this sounds drastic but try reloading your operating system. Mirror the HD first so you can restore it if this doesn't solve the issue (use Macrium Reflect Free).

If a fresh OS install doesn't work, and you have used the correct/latest drivers for that mother board, and it is compatible with Win10, it is possible your hardware is faulty.

Maybe bad Ram.

Hope this steers you in the right direction.

Cheers Rob
Wish I could help, I found that program so lacking. the only 2 things I spent money on for my channel was a mic, a video editing software program (I went with Lightworks as I had an educational discount so 1 yr license was only 90$)... oh and Bandicam, so i guess three things.
I used to have a similar problem when I used windows movie maker vista. This was several years ago, when "saving movies in HD" was a new thing... I couldn't use the latest movie maker - vista version, because there was something about it that was incompatible with certain vista PC's (mine included.. >.> ).... The only fix for me was to go back to an earlier version of WMM. I'm not sure if you are experiencing a similar problem, but it might work again if you go back to an earlier WMM version, too.

Another problem that caused the WMM to crash a lot was by having some sort of weird codecs settings in place. Each time the video would load, it would try to load the codec settings and instantly die. I can't remember where the list is to check/uncheck the codecs that load, but I remember there used to be a list somewhere! I think there is lots of info on the internet about squirrely WMM codecs, but I'm not sure where the latest and greatest info might be!

Another thing that would cause it to crash is if the program would auto-open to a project that had a whole bunch of transitions/edits going on. It would die in the process of trying to open everything.. =/ I lost several projects that had a lot of edits because I couldn't open them again to continue editing at a later date... =S
I used to use Movie Maker but I invested $60 in Power Director and it was a huge upgrade for the money, if you can afford it.
I used to use Movie Maker but I invested $60 in Power Director and it was a huge upgrade for the money, if you can afford it.

How easy to use is it though? I downloaded light works which is free but it's like reading Arabic to me so I couldn't get anything done :/

So I'm now stuck with a Movie Maker that closes every few seconds. But I'll try some of the stuff mentioned above then I may invest in some software :)

Thanks for the help everyone!!

FYI LW free edition is incomplete, doesn't do higher then 720p etc. It is a professional level video editor so does a LOT more then you likely need. If you watch the "Editshare" tutorials its actually VERY easy to use, and no cheap but professional video editor will be any easier. you'll have to make the plunge sometime. imo.

The hardest part of these rpograms is transcoding, ie making sure your audio and video files are the type (extension and quality) best used for youtube. Once you get past that it becomes easy. I learned it all by making TONS of mistakes and could probably would you through the basics.I am not trying to push this particular program on you, rather the mentality that if you want top quality videos and audio you will need to start editing and transcoding.