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Jun 11, 2020
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3 weeks ago I started a survival server (minecraft java 1.16.1) for small youtubers.
We are with 7 guys and 1 girl right now (if you are wondering im the girl XD)
And I've got a message from a viewer asking if there are going to be new players on the server.
And I decided that I really would love it if there are going to be new players on the server :D
This survival server is meant to start your own survival serie on for on your channel.
Everyone is welcome on this server (If you are willing to start a serie on there)
you do not have to have at least a certain number of subscribers
In the server are guys with 500 subscribers but also guys with 50 subscribers so everyone will be accepted if you want to start a serie on this server.
We all called our serie "Borncraft" personally I don't know why, someone decided we should call it that

Btw: Everyone on the server is under 18

If you are interested:
My discord: Nickydegamer#4146

My Youtube Channel:
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