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An extensive list of microphones used by YouTubers.

If you're looking a microphone to purchase for your channel you've come to the right place, this list of microphones features an image of the respective microphone, a description in my own words of the microphone and a link to its main page and Amazon page.

This list is no particular order, XLR mics require interfaces, keep that in mind.

Blue Snowball

Most used mic among small YouTuber's, it's a sphere shaped that well, looks like a snowball, at least the textured white version does, it features 3 Patterns for variety of use, has great quality, and is reasonably priced, it also comes with a nice length USB Cable and a height adjustable tripod stand, it uses a 5/8" thread, it also comes in a variety of colors.


Main Page:

Blue Yeti

The Blue Yet is a mic from the same manufacturers of the Blue Snowball, the mic part itself is a cylinder with it curving at the top where the mic's grill is, the mic features quality a step up from the snowball, the mic has 4 Pattern Settings which you can find on the amazon and main page, it has a volume control for the Headphone monitoring and a gain control, this have been reported to be flimsy by function fine. The mic also features as you guessed Headphone monitoring and a mute button on the mic itself. The mic comes in 3 Colors which you can see on the Amazon page.


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Audio-Technica AT-2020

This mic is slowly taking over the Snowball as a popular mic for YouTubers, the mic is very sleek in design and has a blue led indicator, you'll expect to find a USB Cable and a tripod stand as illustrated in the image above (I'm not sure if this comes with a pouch, that could be the XLR version), the mic is black all over and has great quality. There is also an XLR version.


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Audio-Technica AT-2500
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This mic is another awesome used by users on this forums and by some of my friends. It's an awesome mic, looking similar to the AT-2020, has build in HeadPhone monitoring with a volume control for the Monitoring.
Has nice quality for a very nice and affordable price!

Shure SM7B

This mic is an absolute beast, used by people on here and popular YouTubers such as Markiplier, this mic however is quite expensive and interfaces for the XLR output will run you down some more, but the quality is amazing out this mic, this is the only Dynamic mic in this group, but it's a very decent mic. As Dynamics aren't as sensitive as Condensers, this is doesn't really pick up background noise from outside such as people around your house! :)

Rode NTG-2 Shotgun Mic
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This mic sounds excellent and is perfect for use in filming and alike. It can be powered using batteries or Phantom Power from your camera. If you shop around, it can be found for a decent price. :)
Audio-Technica ATR2100
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This mic is absolutely amazing for the price, it is a Dynamic mic that comes in both XLR and USB, so it can plugged into your PC or interface without any trouble. It sounds great and being a Dynamic, picks up very little, it also comes with a desk stand and respective USB and XLR Cables!

Samson C01u

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This mic is a very nice mic costing around €70 new on Thomann it's quite affordable, it's a USB Condenser (most mic companies put a U after the name to define it as USB), can be set into different Patterns and has a nice stand to acompany it. It has been used by PewDiePie and is used by others such as FaZeOutcst.

Shure SM48/58

Both the SM48 and 58 are both virtually indestructible. offering amazing sound quality and build quality, these mics are also pretty much Industry Standard. They cost around €100 new but they are XLR so they will require a XLR interface. Wanna know how indestructible they are? I threw an old 48 at a wall full force and it worked fine. They've been in production since around 1960 afaik.

MXL 550/551R

This mic set is great for people doing music or vocals. one mic on instrument and other on vocals. They're a set so you do get both, they offer great quality for a good price of around $80. Both mics are XLR and iirc both require 48v Phantom Power, so make sure your interface has that (most do, you should see a switch on your mixer).

Samson Meteor Mic

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This mic is surprisingly very popular, it's a great little piece of kit, it's great for people who travel allot and/or use Tablets or laptops to record and don't have allot of space, it has port for Headphone Monitoring
and mute/heaphone volume controls. meteor

Samson Go Mic
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Another awesome little portable mic from Samson, like the above it has headphone monitoring and can easily be clipped on top of the device screen you're using, it is easly folded for easy strage and has great quality. Great for people who travel and need a mic they can pull out at any time without worring about space. meteor

This thread will be updated with more mics soon. Thanks for reading and hope this helps you decide on which mic you should choose.
See ya later. :)
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I concur with the SM7B on the list, though I wouldn't say it's common. It is one hell of a nice piece of kit.

If I can make some recommendations to add. Samson C01U, MXL 550 and the Shure SM58.
I concur with the SM7B on the list, though I wouldn't say it's common. It is one hell of a nice piece of kit.

If I can make some recommendations to add. Samson C01U, MXL 550 and the Shure SM58.

My dad has a few 58's, they're neat mics and don't cost as much' I used to use the SM48. I'll add those mics when I get to my PC.
The SM58 is probably the most popular microphone on the planet among music producers. Most live concerts use it. The mic is damn near indestructible, will last forever and has great sound. Just needs an XLR interface.