Madden19 Top 10 Play of the Week


I use to be a hardcore madden player, showing my age here but been playing since 2001 with eddie george back on the cover. Was even invited to the madden tournament in 2010 because on my online record. Long story short feel out of the series and football in general due to working Sundays. Picked this Madden up at Redbox and just feels like the same game they release every year, with no competition I feel they don't push gameplay. I'm not much of single player gamer and stick to online modes. My opponents still go for it on 4th and Long which is pretty annoying. I just like to play realistic matches mixing up the run and pass to create some memorable games, but some still just care about the win and scoring even one the first drive when 4th and 27 on their 15 lol. I went 4-5 in ranked matches using the Steelers only (my favorite team) below are the highlights I racked up the past 3 nights

How are you guys liking this madden compared to others? What stands out as different? What keeps bringing you back to this sseries??