1. Double Jay

    Gaming PS4 Collab Group 18+ ONLY

    Hey guys what's good my name is Double Jay and I'm looking into making a gaming group where we can play games and make videos together! Some of the games we can play together are: Modern Warfare BlackOps4 Madden NBA2k GTA Apex Any Call of Duty that has been released on PS4 Minecraft Willing to...
  2. LCGaming


  3. Le316King

    Madden19 Top 10 Play of the Week

    I use to be a hardcore madden player, showing my age here but been playing since 2001 with eddie george back on the cover. Was even invited to the madden tournament in 2010 because on my online record. Long story short feel out of the series and football in general due to working Sundays. Picked...
  4. Le316King

    Madden 19 Top Plays of The Week

    Tried to do a sportscaster type video for the new madden. Let me know any thoughts.
  5. Ryzer

    Gaming Looking for Collabs Xbox Only

    Hey Guys Im Ryzer and Im looking for some new people to collab with on xbox one. I mostly play every game like fortnite to madden and many more games. *Requirements* Xbox One, Decent Mic, 13+, At least 350 Subcribers (if u have less we’ll talk, and You have to post frequently like once a week or...
  6. Worldsgreatestvideogamers

    Playing Madden with a Concussion!

    Is it really that big of a hindrance to play Madden after suffering a massive concussion? Let's find out! Thanks so much for watching, we hope you enjoyed!
  7. Inspired

    Draft Champion's First Game (Madden 17)

  8. D

    Gaming Madden 16 MUT Gameplay

    Looking for someone that is willing to collaborate and post on each others channels the recording of us playing a game of Madden Ultimate Team! PS4
  9. M

    Gaming Need New People To Record With!!!

    Dear all, I just started making YouTube videos again and I'm looking for some more people to record with. I currently have Xbox One and 360 so I can play a bunch of games on there. If you want to see what games I mostly play there all on my channel trailer on my channel(YaaBoyCellus). Hmu if you...
  10. EARoyalty

    Gaming Madden 16 Ps4 collaboration/ wagers

    I'm a new YouTuber with 20 subscribers and I'm looking to build my channel through collaboration and wagers on Ultimate Team. Please post on this thread if you are interested in a wager. Make sure to include your PSN gamertag so we can coordinate a time from there.
  11. MaddenMessiah

    Gaming Madden Gameplays, Commentaries, and Challenge Videos! Come Check it Out!

    Hey Guys! I recently started a Madden Channel and have been absolutely thrilled with the support! Also would be interested in doing a collab/game with another Madden Channel, if that's you feel free to hit me up!
  12. WillDP

    Channel Trailer

    For all of you who don't know me, I am WillDP. I am a growing youtube gaming channel who posts videos such as Garry's Mod, GTA V, Madden 16, Black Ops 3, and much more. If you are interested in watching any of these, check out my trailer below!