Gaming looking to join a funny moments group


hi there, im Dre4drocks and im looking to join a group that mostly focusing on funny moments gameplays, sub count does not really matters just as long as there are no squeakers and has a decent mic.
Hello my name is Abe and i'm a 14 year old student looking for the same thing, My microphone is a blue snowball and i would love to just focus more on just the quality of the video and not my subs, My discord is Gimphy#2505 If you would add me and message me we could maybe plan out a video!
Hey man,

me and a friend of mine have been looking for someone to join us for a few months now on PS4 (although I'm open for PC games permitting my PC can hack 'em! We're from the UK and Australia and ages are 21 and 18.. What console do you play on and what games do you play? Would be cool to get you involved!

What sort of games are you looking to play?

I have overwatch, shellshock, gmod and some others for pc. I havent uploaded in ages but im looking to get back into it at some point soon :)

My ytube is thesavagescot if you want to see what im like. Im 23 (getting old) haha
i have gta 5 on both pc and ps4, i also have fortnite and overwatch on pc, i don't have a capture card yet so i don't make videos on ps4.
I just use the capture gallery and then USB it over to my PC where I edit in Sony Vegas, quite a quick way of doing it too because it's less messing around with cap cards and software etc.
I'm also looking for the same thing as you maybe we can make are own group my psn is FlawLeSSHunts please get back to me soon I'm 16 yrs old.