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Sep 27, 2017
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I'm an animal youtuber and im looking for someone that wants to make a collab
This collab will be made by both of us and edited by me.We can make 2 collabs one for your channel and one for mine (you may) edit yours and (I will) edit mine.

Collab Ideas

Dog Interview -You can interview mya (dog ) :) (I Will type up her answers on screen)

____ VS Mya-We see whose dog does the trick better (we won't vote as this is just for fun we can have the viewers vote)

Skit-A Spooky but funny skit (don't have any ideas for this one)

I will also do collabs not on this list just let me know what it is below :)

thank you

Collab(s) you want to do:
Do you want one video on each of our channels? (if yes say two collabs you would like to do above)
Youtube Name:
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