1. K

    Vlog Vlog | Daily Life # 2 preparing homemade Italian meals: fried cutlet with ham and cheese & milk

    Hello guys! :) This video is my 2nd video, containing small traces of my daily life haha. How are you enjoying the winter holidays? I hope you eat a lot of delicious things and have a happy holiday! If you like this type of video please put a like and subscribe to support me! ❤️
  2. M

    Vlog Looking for people to make a collaboration with me

    I'm an animal youtuber and im looking for someone that wants to make a collab This collab will be made by both of us and edited by me.We can make 2 collabs one for your channel and one for mine (you may) edit yours and (I will) edit mine. Collab Ideas Dog Interview -You can interview mya (dog...
  3. M

    Making my first Q and A NEED QUESTIONS

    I will show the questions on the video. Little bit of info about my channel...I have Dogs,cats,alpacas,chickens and ducks and I make videos on Animal training,Fun Videos and Vlogs. You Can Ask Questions about the animals or any other questions you may have.. Thank you
  4. allstarmel

    excited to set up the cat livestream and drone

    will be setting up my livestream in my foster cats room and I'll be getting a drone to entertain them any other ideas? I saw a remote control insect would make a cool little video and cant go wrong with a ordinary laser light + cats!
  5. P

    Vlog Animal Charity Looking for pet loving UK Vlogger to be our YouTUbe Ambassador

    Hi All, We're a leading animal welfare charity, looking to find a UK based Vlogger (ideally based around South East/London area) who is passionate about animal welfare to join our ranks as our YouTube Ambassador. You would be the face of our channel and present centre tours, upcoming campaigns...
  6. xingcat

    George the Self Esteem Cat: Travel

    George and DOG are taking a little trip to get over last week's mishap on the trust exercise. George takes this opportunity to tell us all about the benefits of travel. Just remember to look before you leap.
  7. xingcat

    George the Self Esteem Cat: World Puppetry Day

    Monday, March 21st is "World Puppetry Day"! George and a number of friends talk about how having puppets can be good for self-esteem. This one was fun, because we managed to have a good number of puppets in it with only 2 puppeteers and a lot of green screen.
  8. xingcat

    George the Self Esteem Cat: Daylight Savings Time

    DOG is not a fan of Daylight Savings Time. George tells him (and us) some strategies for dealing with it.
  9. xingcat

    George the Self Esteem Cat: New York Trip

    George had some business to do in NYC this weekend, so he brought us along. Check out his adventures on his first travel vlog!
  10. xingcat

    George the Self Esteem Cat: Private Spaces

    DOG has made himself a wonderful little blanket fort and would like to be alone. George is here to tell us that having our own private spaces can be good for self esteem and you don't need to invite others in if you don't want to. Remember: Be like cat. Be good to self.
  11. xingcat

    George the Self Esteem Cat: Fitting In

    George meets some new friends, but DOG doesn't realize that he doesn't need to change himself to be accepted by others. Remember: Be like cat. Be good to self.
  12. xingcat

    George the Self Esteem Cat: Mentorship

    Today, George and DOG talk about the benefits of being someone's mentor/teacher, through the assistance of Goldie Fawn, a brand-new deer who is just learning how to walk. Remember: Be like cat. Be good to self.
  13. gibbsy90

    Cat thinks he's a dog

  14. TheBearKat

    Shhhh... Chimney - Vlogs with TheBearKat

    Hey guys! New vlog featuring my little bundle of joy chimney constantly interrupting! Enjoy :D
  15. xingcat

    George the Self Esteem Cat: Homesick Holidays

    Sometimes, we get homesick, especially around the holidays. George and DOG teach Puddles the Penguin that this isn't necessarily a terrible thing. Be like cat. Be good to self.
  16. Kanashimi

    Pusheen Unboxing [December 2015] It's So Cute!

    Someone was kind enough to get me a subscription for the Pusheen Box for Christmas! I was really excited to see what was inside it. What do you guys think of the content?
  17. darkstarmedia

    10 Cat Facts in 2 Minutes!

    My new Smarter in Seconds series aims to educate people on all kinds of subjects in two minutes or less. It's ideal if you have a shorter attention span or want to boost your brain cells in a hurry! Watch it here and subscribe for more!
  18. ApexTV

    ALIEN CAUGHT ABDUCTING CAT - REAL Grey Alien Caught on Tape

    Is this a real video of a grey alien caught on tape abducting a cat? What do you think? You have probably heard of countless stories of humans getting abducted, but what about pets such a cats? This video appears to show a grey alien taking / abducting a cat, but the real question is if the...