Gaming Looking for a group to start a minecraft series.


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Hello everybody I am looking for a group to start a Minecraft series with mods. This doesn't just have to be Minecraft only but it can also be for other games like Fortnite, L4D2, and other games. I don't really care about your subscriber count because in the end we're just helping each other out. We can work on a schedule if you can't do it at certain times.
Hi! This seems like it would be a lot of fun! Please message me on Discord at SimmingNation#4369[DOUBLEPOST=1534511705,1534510756][/DOUBLEPOST]Novah I added you on discord
Good news! A new series has been planned an is ready for action. A mc server is already made an the first series is about to start. The server is only for youtubers and will involve wars, raids an more than enough content for your YouTube channels. If you interested in joining msg me on discord at Novah#2011[DOUBLEPOST=1534555909,1534555860][/DOUBLEPOST]
Novah is there anyway i could play on your YT minecraft server?;)
Msg me on discord at Novah#2011