Meet Up/Gathering Las Vegas - Let's Grow Together!


YTtalk Mad
It's my last days here in Chicago and I'm getting ready to fly out to Sin City. I'd love to grow my channel out so that I can focus on it fully, so I'm all up for collaborations of any kind!

I'm good with anything, however these categories would benefit both parties the best: MMJ, Spirituality, Mind-Altering Substances, Adventure/Travel, anything really that's crazy and stands out. I run a rather unorthodox channel documenting my strange life for both entertainment and some education here and there.

Also, if you run a larger channel than mine, I'm more than willing to put in some extra work to make it equal for both sides. I can do some camera work or marketing or whatever need be done. If you run something really large. I'm even willing to work for free nearly full-time in exchange for promotion every now and then.

Can't wait to connect!