Lack of Channel views since switch to new layout?

The reason for the drop is because of the size of the player on your channel page and the lack of autoplay for subscribers. People still watch the videos, but they click on the video to and watch from the video page instead, so it no longer counts as a channel page view. Since we've been on the new layout(about 35 days), our views per day have gone up by around 25% while the channel page views have dipped from representing 10% of our daily views to about .1% of those views.

Your views always are going up. :)
at least you guys getting some views. im not getting any. it shows 0 views on my social blades stats. but mut views still the same and subs still the same average. so no problem
I noticed this too. Even PhillyD is getting a lot less views per video than he used to. I think the new layout is harder to navigate through- even the big boys are feeling the drop in views. . .
Well I was completely unaware there was a new layout so I checked this out, by the sounds of it, I'm best sticking with what I've got.
So now they don't count channel views your subs give you???????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh youtube, you used to hide your intense hatred of us well enough we could at least WONDER if you hated us. Do you have to make it so blazingly obvious now? Sheesh, at least I wasn't SURE you were twisting the knife in my heart before... now I'm just watching you blatantly do it... I'm disappointed in you youtube, and my butt hurts.