Instagram or Twitter?


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Instagram or Twitter? Which social media site really is the best as a creator? Or are there even better sites than those? I just really need help on ways we can connect with more people.
I think both, especially if you really want to grow your channel.

Twitter is great for what I do. I can ask my followers to vote on my videos, and I get a lot of social engagement on there. It definitely helps with views.

I guess I haven't really cracked Instagram tbh. But I still use it regularly.
I have a twitter account where my vids auto link to but I rarely look at it.
I follow the same YouTubers on Twitter and Instagram but all I see is them telling me to check out their latest video which I would have already watched from my subscibed feed. Bit pointless really.
Ideally, I agree with everyone saying both, but I think it also matters which social media you enjoy: i'm iffy on Instagram, I LOVE Twitter, and I feel like your followers can pick up on when you're doing things for the sake of doing em and doing things cause you're having fun. (Also, the most basic adivce, but just in case: make sure your feed *isn't* just about promoting your stuff. It should be a super small part of it.)
I'd say both but I love instagram more! People are more engaging there than on Twitter. I've just created an account on Twitter hoping to find more people to connect with so we will see if it goes well :)